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The School prepares students for the Central Board of Secondary Education Examination. English is given the greatest weightage in the curriculum and it is compulsory for a student to pass in English. Hindi is the second language and is taught from Std. I to Std. X. Marathi is the third language and is taught from Stds. III to VIII.

The Middle School comprises classes VI to VIII. This is a very crucial period, the pre-adolescent years, and to facilitate a ‘holistic development’ we strive to create a child friendly atmosphere, while at the same time dealing with issues concerning students with concern and sensitivity.

We have a curriculum that helps :

  • Students develop desired attitudes and values along with the inculcation of core life-skills.
  • Encourage in students, independent thinking, free and effective expression of ideas and opinions, through speech and writing.
  • Build positive values and ensures a child’s involvement with the text as well as the environment.

The Senior School begins at Class IX, with a comprehensive course of study as a foundation for the CBSE curriculum in Class IX and X. In Class IX, students begin a two-year course comprising core subjects and electives suited to their interests and abilities. The course culminates in the Board Examination at the end of Class X

We provide :

  • Student centered environment and progressive teaching techniques to enable students to learn through curiosity, analysis, activity, application and imbibe values through personal experience.
  • Students discover and develop their skills and talents in a variety of creative, social, cultural and sporting activities.
  • A platform for personal growth, which is further enhanced by experience of leadership and teamwork in the Prefects system and the Students’ Council.
  • An atmosphere for students to realize their potential, to develop character and temperament required to meet the challenges of the 21st century and to be responsible citizens of the community, the nation and the world.
  • Learning environment that helps children become independent and enthusiastic life-long learners.
  • Subject integration as it increases learning and achievement, and helps students learn interrelatedness and interdependence of knowledge.
  • A range of age appropriate workshops on self-esteem, leadership, motivation, stress, peer-pressure etc. for the students.