Our Speciality

Communication & Collaboration

By applying the ‘learning to think’ concept, it becomes mandatory for each student to develop and utilize the skills of effectively expressing their thoughts, opinions and perspectives.

Creativity & Innovation

Where do ideas stem from and why are they required in the modern world of futuristic technologies and inventions? Helping our students to use a range of techniques that involve the creation of ideas will stimulate and encourage the practice of thinking out of the box.

Ensuring Quality Education

A student with knowledge, attitude, skills, social and moral values which enhances their personality development, physical and psycho-social capabilities. These qualities are effectively achieved through professional coaching in sports, creative and personality enhancement activities.

DEMS cultivates a culture that nurtures creativity in all our learners.

The school will surely go up as a star in the sky and become the number one school in the district in the years to come.

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